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JETS is an acronym for Junior Engineers, Technicians & Scientists. This club is aimed at arousing the love and interest of science among the young learners. It inspires children for invention by bringing their creative skills to limelight. It involves practical activities that broaden the learners understanding of scientific principles. It answers their questions of why and how so many things are scientifically possible. They learn to build, construct and also do some minor repairs. It also exposes the learners to the universe and other issues which only science can give answers to it. It is highly fun-filled as sometimes experts are invited for workshop with the club.


Home Economics Club deals with the general home management which ranges from arranging the home, food preparation to taking proper care of our clothing. The club is designed to introduce the pupils to varieties of tasks in the home where they learn to prepare juices, snacks and other types of foods including those from other parts of the country.

It inculcate careful attitude in the learners in handling their equipment in the kitchen and also creates cautiousness in the pupils. It imbibes the spirit of helping with chores in the home from their tender ages as they see doing them more of fun than of tasks. It is also rich with lots of ethical values. This extra curricular activity holds forthnightly.


Taekwondo is a martial art which promotes physical fitness. A club designed to create confidence, discipline, endurance, activeness and humanity in our pupils. As rightly put in a line of the club pledge they are trained ‘to be champions of freedom and justice’.

Most importantly, they learn to be self defensive and agile at times of attacks and danger. The exercise which holds twice a week is anchored by a skilled instructor. The club is open to all interested pupils in the school both boys and girls.

The club has attended series of competitions organized by various Taekwondo organizations in the state where our pupils have made us proud with different medals. Details of competitions attended are listed as shown below;